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    Name journal - the journal for Nameberries

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there others like me on Nameberry that have a name journal? I currently finished my first one and started to fill the second one. I prefer it to creating lists on here because I still like to hand write things in this age. Do you have a name journal too? Do you like it?

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    I have one too, but it's a little outdated. I usually make notes in my phone or computer when I'm playing with names. I do love my journal, though!
    Hugo, Arthur, Theodore, Wilder, Francis, Thomas, Marlowe, Edgar, Philip, Felix
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    Alice, Hazel, Eleanor, Fiona, Zelda, Kate, Florence, Hadley, Dorothy, Mary
    Angela, Louisa, Pearl, Olive, Joyce, Beatrix, Josie, Eliza
    Millie, Nora, Farley, Jovie, Sally, Loretta, Frances, Janet, & Wendy

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    I just have loose sheets of paper with lists upon lists on them stored in a box. I guess it's more like a time capsule?? I've always wanted to attempt the journal idea, I just never really get anywhere with it. But I always handwrite my lists, and I'm currently writing one right now.
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