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Thread: Stolen Gems

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    Stolen Gems

    I love the name Edith nn Edie, have for a while. But a close family friend just welcomed a baby girl. Guess what she named her. Yep. Edith. Don't get me wrong, baby Edie is adorable beyond reason, I can't use the name. (My aunt had already stolen Cora not too long ago. Is my Daisy next? Please, don't let Sybil be next!)

    What are the names you love but, sadly, cannot use because close family/close friends have already taken them? They can be boys or girls. I'd really like to know that I'm not the only one to be a tiny bit envious at family/friend's impeccable taste in names.
    ...thinking about...
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    Echo. My close friend named her new puppy this!! (of course after I mentioned how much I loved the name). It is all doggie now since I visit her often!! I can usually dissociate most names but I just can't with this one. I like "o" ending names for girls and there isn't too many that I like...Hopefully my Cleo is safe!! And that'll teach me about sharing names!!

    Andrew is another one. My cousin's half sister named her son this and he is mentioned about occasionally when I talk to that side of the family. I don't know and never met this girl so I could still technically use it without much hassle but, I don't know, the name just seems "in use" if that can describe my feelings properly.
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    Wyatt! Obviously the name was chosen before S/O and I began dating, but his/our(?) nephew is named this - I absolutely love the name, but unfortunately, I can't consider it now LOL.

    Also, Eleanor and Effie - I have two cousins expecting little girls this year, and both have announced names already. Eleanor is due in July and Effie in September - I wasn't actively planning on using either name anymore but if this had happened a year ago - I'd be pretty upset about not getting to use them, as both used to be favourites of mine!

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    Can't use:
    (girls) Morgan, Morgana, Morganite, Baylie, Hayden, Cora, Cameron/Kamiryn, Mason, Isabella, Addison- (Hayden, Cameron, and Mason were for boys though)
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    Violet, possibly. My sister is hoping to name a kid Violet Grace now. Frankly, this one is the most heartbreaking as it's a top ten name for me, one I've loved since I was young, my favourite flower, and Violet Baudelaire / Violet Allan would be amazing namesakes... My sister only likes it because her boyfriend does and had never considered it before....
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    Elsie! I wouldn't use it as a full name but I wanted to use it as a nickname to honor my late grandmother Elsie but my cousin used it first! My other cousin also has an Emma so that rules out Emmeline for me. I love Emilia but SO's cousin has an Amelia and they are really close with his family so it's definitely not usable.

    I also like Francesco to honor my late grandfather Francesco (Frank when he came to America) but I already have an uncle Frank & a cousin Frank. My cousin Frank also had a child that died right after birth that they named Frank so Francesco is off limits for me!
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