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    Break down my list of girl names!

    I have had help from berries trying to find a name. My boyfriend and I are going to TTC our first this Fall. I want to at least have something picked out I like or at least one keeper. So I am just trying to build a super short list vs. having a crazy long list. I just want a name to be "THE ONE" and so far it is not happening. I don't know if I like searching for names or its because I am not pregnant so its not as real? But here is the list.

    Delilah Ruby- Ruby has meaning to me for that is the gem name my mother gave me. My older sister is a diamond and my younger sister is an emerald. We are tri-gems as my mother says.
    Avalon Pearl
    Avalon Isolde
    Ivy Arcadia
    Penelope Eden
    Hazel June

    Any new refreshing names/combos would be nice. I don't know if you can get a feel of what I like off this list but I just don't like super classic names and I am not addicted to flower names either.
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    I think Ruby could work well in the fn spot especially because of it's meaning and story. From your combos I like:

    Ruby Avalon
    Ruby Arcadiae
    Ruby June
    Ruby Delilah

    From your first name choices I like Delilah, Ivy, Penelope and Hazel

    Delilah Pearl
    Delilah Ivy
    Delilah Eden
    Delilah Hazel
    Delilah June
    Delilah Isolde

    Ivy Hazel
    Ivy June

    Penelope Ivy
    Penelope Pearl
    Penelope June
    Penelope Ruby
    Penelope Hazel

    Hazel Avalon
    Hazel Arcadia
    Hazel Isolde
    Hazel Penelope

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    I love Ruby!

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    Delilah Ruby is very pretty
    Avalon Pearl is also very nice
    I like Ivy, but I'm not fond of Arcadia
    Penelope is lovely, but I don't really like it with Eden
    Hazel June is pretty, but not very interesting beside some of your other combos.

    From your current combos I would prefer:
    Delilah June and Hazel Ruby because I think the flow is better
    Penelope Vine

    What about:
    Davina Ruby
    Linnea June
    Amity Pearl

    Hazel Davina
    Ivy Linnea
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    My favorite is Avalon Isolde. I think they flow nicely together.
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