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    fiammetta Guest

    What girls names would you pair with these boys names?

    Please don't use any names listed in my signature.


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    fiammetta Guest
    Also, thank you in advance!

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Oliver and Eveline
    Oliver and Iris
    Oliver and Adela
    Oliver and Phillipa
    Oliver and Teresa
    Oliver and Marianne/ Mariana
    Oliver and Hilda
    Oliver and Margery/ Marjorie
    Oliver and Colette
    Oliver and Frances
    Oliver and Anais
    Oliver and Antoinette
    Oliver and Margot
    Oliver and Marjoram
    Oliver and Hyacinth(a)
    Oliver and Louise
    Oliver and Roxana
    Oliver and Savina
    Oliver and Simone
    Oliver and Cressida
    Oliver and Felicity
    Oliver and Felicia
    Oliver and Genevieve
    Oliver and Sylvia
    Oliver and Wenna
    Oliver and Ada
    Oliver and Beatrice

    Arlo (sorry, I associate this with rednecks) and Daisy
    Arlo and Judy
    Arlo and June
    Arlo and Gertrude

    Atticus and Delphine
    Atticus and Cressida
    Atticus and Portia
    Atticus and Alcyone
    Atticus and Cleo
    Atticus and Aurelia
    Atticus and Caledonia
    Atticus and Daria
    Atticus and Shirin
    Atticus and Roxana
    Atticus and Isolde
    Atticus and Regina
    Atticus and Rafaela
    Atticus and Xenia

    Ignatius and Savina
    Ignatius and Sabina
    Ignatius and Afra
    Ignatius and Apollonia
    Ignaitus and Isidora
    Ignatius and Odilia
    Ignatius and Melania
    Ignatius and Emmelia
    Ignatius and Fausta
    Ignatius and Helena
    Ignatius and Honorina
    Ignatius and Julietta
    Ignatius and Constantina
    Ignatius and Beatix
    Ignatius and Justina
    Ignatius and Anastasia
    Ignatius and Anysia
    Ignatius and Cecilia
    Ignatius and Aquilina
    Ignatius and Regina
    Ignatius and Oliva
    Ignatius and Theodora
    Ignatius and Columba
    Ignatius and Florentina
    Ignatius and Olga
    Ignatius and Aurea
    Ignatius and Casilda
    Ignatius and Rosalia
    Ignatius and Charitina
    Ignatius and Michelina
    Ignatius and Hyacintha
    Ignatius and Marguerite
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    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
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