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  • Belle

    10 16.13%
  • Rose

    33 53.23%
  • Phoebe

    29 46.77%
  • Gemma

    30 48.39%
  • Violet

    34 54.84%
  • Alexi

    2 3.23%
  • Eloise

    25 40.32%
  • Shelby

    4 6.45%
  • Scarlett

    18 29.03%
  • Heidi

    17 27.42%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Feedback and poll on names

    I have some 'top 10' favourites and am trying to get myself to entertain some other less popular options.
    I generally tend to prefer names that are the name you call the child rather than names with lots of nns- but an obvious nn is OK.
    I like easy to say and spell names.

    Belle- too Disney? Fade in with all the Bella/ Isabella's?
    Rose- like it, Rosie as a child, but it's shooting up the charts her in Oz. Is it a pet name?
    Phoebe- is it too prissy?
    Gemma- last name sounds a bit like Taylor so it does sound so great together to me.
    Violet- seems like a trendy new vintage name, but it is pretty.
    Alexi- rhymes with sexy.
    Eloise- too boring according to my DD- I do like nn Lulu
    Shelby- had a dog called it 10 years ago but I like it- that's why I chose it.
    Scarlett- too trendy?
    Heidi- seems to be shooting up the charts her in Oz.

    What do you all think?
    For reference my "top popular" names: Chloe, Sophie, Charlotte and Grace.
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    Any feedback?
    I'd appreciate it.
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    Belle- not too disney, just too common for me these days, but I still love it and think it makes a great middle to use as a nn.
    Rose- I like Rose as a fn but mostly for the sweet nn Rosie
    Phoebe- LOVE it! I see the prissy side of it, but it's so full of spunk, history, and uniqueness...
    Gemma- not a fan, but it's okay.
    Violet- ditto what you said... A bit popular now, but still beautiful and useable.
    Alexi- no... Alexa or Alexis w/ nn Alexi maybe, but NMS
    Eloise- I'm loving this lately. I think Ellie is a more likely nn than lulu, and I'm not keen on either, love Eloise in its full.
    Shelby- NMS
    Scarlett- always sounds harsh to me.
    Heidi- maybe fresh and popular in Oz, but feels musty and dated to me...

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    I like Belle as a middle name but for me it does not feel like a complete first name, maybe because I like Annabelle so much.
    I love Rose/Rosie/Rosalie... love love love
    Phoebe- really cute, but I cannot get over the Friends association
    Gemma- I ADORE this name- my mom and hubby both hate it. I love love love it.
    Violet- not my style, but definitely usable
    Alexi- feels made up to me probably because of the more popular Alexis/Lexi. I think people would get it wrong often.
    Eloise- Adore this name as well as Lulu and Ellie- love all 3, but that's just me
    Shelby- reminds me of my generation (I am in my 20s) and Julia Roberts' character in Steel Magnolias. I think it it sweet but perhaps a little behind the times.
    Scarlett- I could never use this, I agree with jojobean here!
    Heidi- Reminds me of a childhood friend's older sis and the movie with Shirley Temple- I also think it feels a little dated.

    My favorites for first names that you have listed are Rose, Gemma, & Eloise.... then Phoebe, Violet, & Shelby.... then Belle, Alexi, Scarlett, and Heidi as not usable to me. good luck!

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    Belle I LOVE Belle. I don't know if I would use it as a first name, but would work really nicely as a middle name option.
    RoseI love Rose as well. So classic, and very feminine. Gets waaaayyy overdone as a middle name, would love to see it as first name.
    PhoebeI like this one as well. I wouldn't put it in my "love" list, but I do think its nice. I always think of Phoebe from Friends.
    GemmaI think this is a really cute alternative to the mega popular Emma.
    VioletIt is really popular right now, but is still super adorable. One of my favourite names.
    AlexiSeems more like a boy names to me.
    Eloise Very cute.
    ShelbySeems dated.
    ScarlettAdorable. I love Gone With the Wind, so perhaps I'm biased there.
    HeidiPretty cute. Again, I'm not sure I would put it in my "love list". But it still sounds sweet to me.

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