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    Name Inspiration from Old Movies

    Hey all,
    Just watched A Gentlemen's Agreement last night, and noticed some pretty fun names in the credits! Didn't particularly notice in the movie itself, but here's some of the actors and others:

    Celeste Holm
    Anne Revere
    June Havoc (Yes, this is a made up name--originally her name was Ellen Evangeline Hovick, which is also fun.)
    Jane Wyatt
    Moss Hart (sounds made up, but didn't find any mention of another name on a quick search.)
    Elia Kazan
    Dorothy McGuire

    also, Gregory Peck's whole name is Eldred Gregory Peck!

    #1 name out of all is definitely June Havoc. GP maybe, but awesome. Anne Revere is also a great combo (and real) and Celeste Holm is very lovely.

    Anyone else have some name inspiration from old movies, actor/actresses' made up names, etc?

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    Yes! I first fell in love with the name Lorelei after watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Anya from Roman Holiday, and (Bing) Crosby from White Christmas.

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    I was just thinking this morning about The Philadelphia Story, how the brother's name is Junius, and I've never heard that name anywhere else. Other character names in that movie: Tracy (mn Samantha), Dinah, Liz (Elizabeth), Macauley, CK Dexter, George, Mac, Willie, Sidney, Seth, Margaret, Edward, Thomas

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