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Thread: Juniper?

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    I'm going to go ahead and be the minority here, but I'm not a fan of Juniper at all. Sorry!

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    I love Juniper! It was high on my girls list (& as we had a boy its still there for next time). Love that its got several nicknames, as already mentioned - June, Juni, Juno that she could pick from depending on her personality. I would love to meet a little girl or a woman named Juniper
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    Quote Originally Posted by milomum View Post
    So funny, I just came on here to start a post asking the same question!
    I have 8 weeks to go (don't know the sex), and have been loving Juniper all along - but just starting to second guess myself...

    My question is - I think Juniper is just gorgeous for a little girl, but can it grow up with her? Can you imagine a 35, 45, 55 year old Juniper?
    I can imagine an author/actress/designer/musician called Juniper, but will it wear as well if she wants to be an accountant/politician/merchant banker?

    My leaning is towards yes - I think it can be bouncy and fun for a little girl and elegant and sophisticated for a serious woman... just have to convince myself of this!
    This is so funny- I also have a little boy named Milo, and we're toying with the name Juniper in case the next one is a girl. Good taste! ;-)

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    No way! What a conincidence @rukajuka!
    Milo and Juniper are such a great match.... Well done us!
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    I recently posted on another name website because I've been considering Juniper "Juno". I love Juno and Juniper is really growing on me but of course they would be too close for sisters so I considered using them together. I like Juniper on paper but when I say it out loud it sounds a bit awkward, I eventually decided that Juno is easier to wear
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