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Thread: Juniper?

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    May 2013
    Love it. Not sure I would use it or not personally...especially as my current #1 is Magnolia nn May. So also having a Juniper nn June might be just a bit too matchy!? May & June, plus two trees!!

    But I think it's a great, fresh sound as Juniper, and love the classic nn June or the funkier nns Junie or Juno.
    Vesper is another similar-sounding name that I'm currently crushing on.

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    Jun 2013
    I LOVE Juniper! A little bit spunky but still super sweet, especially with nicknames June and Juney/Junie.

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    Jun 2013
    oh, and I think Junebug is an absolutely adorable endearment for it as well

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    I've been loving Juniper for the past couple months. It's fun and a bit spunky. I'd use the nn Junie. Although I think Juniper is just a guilty pleasure and I don't think I'd use it in the real world.

    I've also been crushing on Julep as a middle name. SO said Julep sounds like an alcoholics kid. Ha, men and their ridiculousness sometimes.

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    So cute! I do have reservations as to how well it will age, and as pp said how well it will go over in the real world... but I love it, and would at least use it as a mn.
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