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    Down to 3 - Please help me pick!

    Hi! I'm new here and would love some help deciding between three names for this baby girl. I love them all and can't seem to choose one. MN will either be Lilian, Carina or Margo (family names) Here's what I'm down to:

    Jane (nn Janie): I really like Jane but I absolutely love Janie - I know a college aged girl who goes by Janie so I can see it aging well. I love the sweet simplicity of Jane, and I love that she'd have the option of going by Janie around friends and family but by Jane on a resume. There's so much history with Jane but I'm concerned that it's not "special" enough - is it too plain (Plain Jane? Jane Doe?)? I think Janie really adds a breath of fresh air to it but I want to love Jane that much too!

    Emma: I think this name is absolutely gorgeous and I love the literary connection. It's sweet, simple and obviously very recognizable, which I like. The popularity issue does concern me but I'm not sure if that's a big enough reason for me not to use it.

    Devon: By far the least traditional of the three but I love it. I know a few girls with this name and I think it's soft but spunky and completely adorable, and I like that it ages well. I do worry that people will consider it too masculine, though, and it's obviously much less familiar than the other two (although maybe that's a good thing!).

    Any thoughts/suggestions/initial impressions? Thanks in advance!

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    I would not use Devon. Next to such gloriously feminine names, Devon falls short.

    Jane is lovely and fresh on a little girl and Janie is precious. I don't find it plain at all.

    Emma is a beautiful name, but if popularity bothers you, I'd stay away. With all the Emilys, Emmelines, and actual Emmas running around, she will be one of many. I'm not one to care too much about that though, and with a name like Emma, I definitely wouldn't care. But it is something to consider.
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    I love Jane. But right now I have the absolute cutest baby fever inducing toddler in my room next door to my preschool named Emma and she is the sweetest thing ever. So I'm veering towards Emma.
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    Hello! I like all of your choices! Here are my specific thoughts on each:

    Jane (nn Janie): I love both Jane and the nn Janie. It's definitely on my own long list for a future child. I understand what you mean about it perhaps not being special enough (I've thought about that, too). However, I think alternating between "Jane" and "Janie" will add a little sparkle to it, as well as opting for a longer, more ornate middle name. (From your choices, I like the combination of "Jane Carina" best--lovely!) Jane is sleek and sophisticated, as well as literary and historical (just like Emma in that regard). The nickname Janie is spunky and charming. So, Jane, nn Janie, is a winner in my opinion!

    Emma: Oh how I love Emma. This was my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE name forever, until everyone in the US decided it was also their favorite name! Sigh. In my opinion, the popularity issue is the only reason not to use it, because it really is a perfect name. I guess you have to think about the degree of popularity you are willing to deal with and have your child deal with. Personally, I never minded sharing my name with one or two others in my grade, but if I would have had to share my name with several people in my class, that would have been a major bummer (I always felt sorry for all of the Sarahs, who had to go by Sarah and middle initial). I am afraid that an Emma would probably be one of several in a class. That said, you can check out name statistics for your state and see how popular Emma is there, as well as keep an eye on birth announcements in your area and such. A nationally popular name isn't always locally popular. Anyway, if you do decide to go with Emma, I think Lilian would make a fabulous middle for her. The combination of Emma Lilian is GORGEOUS.

    Devon: I'm not as sold on Devon for you, though I do like the pairing of Devon Margo (sounds spunky and artsy to me!). However, I think Jane and Emma have a beauty and gravitas that Devon lacks.

    So, here is my ranking of the names:
    1) Jane (Carina)
    2) Emma (Lilian)
    3) Devon (Margo)

    Best of luck to you, and let us know what you decide!

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    I would say Devon, because I know sooooo many Janes and Emmas.

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