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Thread: Joseph!

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    Oct 2012
    I love Joseph Lev Booker!
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    fiammetta Guest
    I absolutely adore Joseph, so strong and handsome.

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    Dec 2012
    I really like Joseph. It makes me imagine a "strong and silent" type of man, masculine but gentle. I don't care for any of the nicknames, though, Joseph is too nice not to use on its own!

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    Jan 2012
    As the momma of a Josef ( yes we spelled it with and F) I have to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE the name! (lol)

    My little guys is 2.5 and we have only ever met 2 young Josephs... all the others are old men which I love! I like his little old man name!

    Most of the time he is Joe but he does have a TON of other nicknames that have developed in odd ways..... We call him Pep or Pepino... Pep becasue in Spanish ( the language we speak at home) Pepe is the nick name for Jose and since he is a 3rd generation Pepe we call him Pep.. Pepino means cucumber in spanish but it developed due to the "pep'

    He NEVER gets called Joey but often gerts called Joej or Joegi ( almost like george/y withour the R), my dad calls him Josephus ( Joe-see-fus)
    Most of the time he calls him self Joe or Jofis ( he can't quite say it when talking quickly) But we think it's pretty cute!

    I get compliments on the name all the time! In my area is a fairly ignored classic only reaching about #250-300 in popularity!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    javad Guest
    I like Joseph. Not a fan of any of the NN options I can think of, so if I ever had a Joseph I'd probably never use a NN myself.

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