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Thread: Joseph!

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    Really? Joseph's that uncommon in Canada? Or Josef's that uncommon in Canada? That really surprises me, it doesn't really get outside the top 50 in the US. I checked each state last night (I was bored, haha), and I think only one or two states had Joseph outside its top 50, but it still ranked like 54 or 57 or something. I think Josephus is kind of fun. The reference to the historian and all. I think if I ever used it, he'd probably be mainly Joseph/Joe, but it might be fun to use Josephus occasionally!

    Any "B" names to go with Joseph Lev? Or an "L" name to go with Joseph Brave? I'm really loving both of those lately, and I'm not sure Joseph Lev Booker and Joseph Leander Brave are "it"...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Just a new (and old!) crush. Quite possibly inspired by the fact that I just watched Premium Rush with my little sister and I may or may not have a minor crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    I had been crushing on it before we ever saw the movie, though, so I think that just cemented it. Thoughts on Joseph? I do love the nn Joe, and I don't mind Joey, but are their more--unexpected, I guess, is the word?--nns for it? I'm not terribly fond of Joss, and while Seph intrigues me, I'm not sure how usable it is? I'm quite happy with just Joseph and Joe, but I figured I'd see if there was something else I was missing.

    Also, combo ideas? So far I've tossed around Joseph Lev (maybe Joseph Lev Booker or Joseph Lev Alexander), Joseph Cyprian (love the sort of underhanded reference to Barnabas, the apostle), Joseph Leo, and Joseph ["L"-something] Brave. The LB middle initials would be for my grandfather, whose full name was L. B.

    Does Joseph fit with the names in my signature?

    Thanks, ladies!
    The same thing happened to me! I have a more than minor crush on JGL haha and he has made me love the name even more! It is my grandfather's name, and I used to only consider it for a middle, but thanks to him, I love it as a first, too. I don't know any young Josephs either. I don't really have any new nn suggestions. I like Joey for a little kid and Joe for an adult. I never liked the nn Joe until I heard him use it for himself!
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    I love Joseph and the nicknames Joe and Joey. Feels like a great name with lots of options. It would be totally on my list, but DH has vetoed it. Sigh!

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    I adore Joseph, it's on my list. Handsome, classic and for me the obvious Catholic element is amazing
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Really? That surprises me, because the youngest Joseph I've known/met is at least in middle school, probably even high school by now! But on the other hand, I looked it up, and Joseph ranks number 11 in my state (where are all these Josephs?!), which is 9 points higher than the national average. Hmm. I'm not sure it bothers me--Olivia ranks in the top 5, and I'd still use that in a heartbeat. Besides, Joseph's so classic, it's not like if I used it his name would be dated to 2013 (or, more likely 2018 or 2020).

    Any other combo ideas? I really like the idea of Joseph Lev or Joseph ____ Brave--ideally I'd like to keep one or both of them, although I'm not sure Joseph Lev Brave really works...
    Yes, it tends to be common in my religious community. Also, if you should ever go to Utah (where I went to college), it's extremely, extremely, extremely popular due to the obvious religious connotations (on top of just the Biblical meaning). I wouldn't worry about it being so popular. It's a name that will truly never seem old or dated (unlike all the Aidens, Cadens, and Jadens). I know Josephs from infants to old men, and I've never heard a single one complain about their name. I'm not a fan of 'Brave' as a middle name, although I loved the suggestion of Joseph Booker. Joseph Lev is really cool. I once knew a Joseph Ogden (he was born in Odgen)... I think that's a pretty cool name.
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