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Thread: Johanna Maria?

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    Johanna Maria?

    What does everyone think of the combo Johanna Maria? They're both family names... my middle name is Johanna after my great-grandmother, and my mom's middle name is Maria after my grandmother, so the name would be able to honor four generations of women in my family! I'm really in love with the idea, but not 100% sure it has the best flow? Also what do you think of Johanna as a first name? I do like it, but haven't honestly given it much consideration before... Which names from my signature would make good siblings? Thanks for your thoughts!
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    Johanna Maria is very pretty, but not exactly "sparkly", not the type of name that I would expect to get compliments from everyone. That said, it's a strong and sturdy name that will wear well. However, it does seem very German to me especially since I say Johanna yo-hah-nah. I could see Alice or Georgia as sisters, but I would be more inclined to use something that's at least kind of German, like Anneliese or Sofie.
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    I love the name Johanna, I am not crazy about Maria though. Any other family names you like? I think Johanna needs a name that does not end in an 'a' to balance it out. Johanna Marie would work.

    I think some of the names in your signature would work well:

    Johanna Eve
    Johanna Rose
    Johanna Iris-- my favorite
    Johanna Violet

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    Okay, as soon as I posted that I started to change my mind. Johanna Maria does have a pretty, sing-songy quality to it.

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    I think it is good! Here in Portugal, Joana Maria is not an uncommon combo.

    Do you say Yo-hah-nah or Jo-han-nah (like in Joe) or Ju-hah-nah (as in Julia)?

    (For me it's weird to see Johanna spelt like that, but that's definitely cultural... )

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