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Thread: Saoirse

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    You have an Aine O_o You used the correct spelling there, so why should Saoirse be any different. I'm sure people must pronounce Aine as 'anne' or 'annie' all the time.
    I have no problem using Irish spellings as long as you're going to use the correct Irish pronunciation.

    The only reason I'd opt to spell Saoirse differently is if hubby insisted on the pronunciation as Sor-sha.

    "Sorsha" and Saoirse are two different names, KWIM? To me it'd be like using the Aine spelling but insisting it's pronounced "Anne". For DD#1- Here in the US we get "AYN" rather than Ann or Annie.

    All of his side of the family who actually speak Irish would be terribly confused as to why we didn't say it the way it would be spelled!
    Possibles for our DD due in October...but we can't agree on which one/combo will fit. DH is from Dublin. I'm from L.A. We have an Aine (5) & a Patrick (2).

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    Such a beautiful name, with so many problems! I would never know how to pronounce it if I weren't a name nerd (and even now, I didn't know there were a few ways to say it)

    I saw a little girl on one of those nanny shows, Supernanny or something, whose mother spelled it Seersha and it looked so sad all laid out like that. I would rather use the original spelling and take my chances.
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    Before I knew the pronunciation and background of Sorcha, I thought it was a phonetic spelling of Saoirse (something in the vein of "sor-sha"/"sir-sha"/Ms. Ronan's pronunciation and not so much "seer-sha," obviously). Sometimes I still wish that could be true, haha. I wonder if you could use that as a phonetic spelling for Saoirse (depending on which pronunciation you like), esp. in the US where most would get Sorcha's Irish pronunciation wrong, too.

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