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Thread: Saoirse

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    I'm with the consensus here. I think Saoirse is a gorgeous name and I know how to pronounce it, but I don't see the general public being able to. I do have a friend who considered Siercha for her girl, but ultimately decided against it. If you're really drawn to it (understandably so), it could make a charming middle. Ruby Saoirse?


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    Saoirse Ronan the actress had this quote about the pronunciation of her name: "'Seer-sha' is how Irish people pronounce my first name, but I would pronounce it 'Sir-sha,' like 'inertia'. I think all three (those two + "sair-sha") are pretty.

    Love this name, but it doesn't anglicize very prettily and I do think most Americans would have no clue how to pronounce it... I think the middle is a good bet.

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    I have a friend called Saoirse and she said that when she visits her family in Ireland if she meets someone new they all know how to say/spell her name, but in the uk she's never met someone who's got it right the first time. It's easy to remember once to know it though and its such a beautiful name

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawntn View Post
    I love the name Saoirse but fear I could never use it because no one would ever pronounce it or spell it correctly.

    Do you know how to pronounce Saoirse?

    He mentioned using it but spelling it phonetically...

    Pronounced "Seer-sha".

    Unfortunately, you will find people who won't know how to pronounce it....but since it's the name of an actress "Saoirse Ronan" from movies Atonement, The Host, City of Ember etc..., I think it will help mainstream the name. More people will recognize it.

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    I love Saoirse and would knot how to pronounce it.

    I wouldn't like to see it use, but spelled phonetically, it ruins the name.
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