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Thread: Saoirse

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    I love the name Saoirse but fear I could never use it because no one would ever pronounce it or spell it correctly.

    Do you know how to pronounce Saoirse?

    He mentioned using it but spelling it phonetically...
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    renrose Guest
    It can be 'seer-sha' or 'sair-sha' I wouldn't butcher the spelling. Once people know what it says they'll remember.
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    I think more people here on Nameberry - who are interested in and look into names - will know how to pronounce Saoirse correctly than people in the outside world. I mention this because asking here will not be the same as asking your friends, or non-name-nerds.

    There's an actress with the name, which makes it more familiar too.

    I have a name that is difficult to pronounce if you see it written out (its my s/n). However, I can't recall ever being bothered by having to pronounce it for others.

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    It's pretty, but it WILL be mispronounced and misspelled. I guess you could spell it phonetically, but I think it would lose a lot of it's charm. I wouldn't consider this name myself for this reason.

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    It's a middle name on our list - but only a middle name. I'm comfortable with it being little more than an S. on many forms (I have my own odd S. middle name so that's a bit cute actually) and I am not brave enough to use at as first.

    I hate the idea of it phoneticized. Takes it right to what I think of as "Shavonne land." I hate Shavonne/Sh'Vonne/Chevaughn (all things I've seen done to Siobhan) so much.

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