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Thread: Saoirse

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    I know how to say it, but most people in the 'real world' will not know how to pronounce it. It's a real shame because it's a gorgeous name, but I couldn't have people saying "sow-irse" her whole life.
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    Beautiful! It's my favorite Irish girl's name. I don't think people who aren't familiar with it would just give it a go. Its not at all intuitive, so hopefully they would ask how to say it rather than butcher it. Still, at the very least, there would be a lot of that and having to teach people how to say it properly.
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    I would totally use it if I had another daughter

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    My close friend gave it to her irish American baby in the states last year. I don't live nearby so I'm not sure how often she has to deal with pronunciation problems (i bet she usually says her daughter's name aloud rather than people reading it for the first time). At the time of the birth there were a few people who asked how it was pronounced on Facebook but it wasn't a big deal at all, especially since the whole dad's side is irish, which seemed to put the name in perspective for the people who hadn't ever heard it before.

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    Like PPs, I do know how to say it (what Ren said) but only after discovering Nameberry. However, I still think it's usable. I live in a VERY multicultural area and regularly hear names I have no idea how to pronounce or spell. 99% of the people I know with such names have a good sense of humour about it and are totally okay with it being slightly mispronounced; they don't even correct people. Saoirse is beautiful by the way!
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