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    Sharing Names With Family Before Baby Arrives

    The other day I was talking to my mom about a friend of mine who has chosen a name but decided not to tell anyone.

    I completely understand this. If I love a name, I wouldn't want the input of friends and family telling us that they don't like it or that it should be something else. However my mom was very strongly opinionated in the other direction. She said she thought that was ridiculous and can't stand when people do that!

    Now I am sort of torn. When we start trying for baby number 1, part of me says I'd love to have my mom and close family discuss names with us. I would at least want both of our parents to like it... They have to use the name all the time too! At the same time I could see it going very bad and no one liking any of the names we chose! Then being frustrated and settling on something we both don't really love!

    What do you all think about sharing names before baby arrives?

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