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    What will your future children look like?

    Use this little baby right here, and find out what your children would look like. I've been having so much fun with it!

    So, using my face & my boyfriend's face, here are my beautiful, nonexistent little angels: <3

    1: My first-born daughter, called Rosemary Beth nn Rosie.

    2: This one here is my son named Lewis Ray. Cute, huh?

    3: Here is Marlowe Elaine.

    4: And THIS LITTLE ADORABLE THING is my son, Seth Austin.

    Anybody else want to share their photos?
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    I used this when I found out we were expecting. The picture that showed up was almost identical to your #3....I'm a dark-featured, light skinned Greek/Native American/French, and the dad is Mexican. Barring any genetic mutations, there is about 0 chance our child will look anything like that.
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    Lol kinda fun! I'm on my phone so I don't know how easy it'll be too upload, but maybe I'll fiddle with it tomorrow if I have a chance.
    Just going off speculation and my own hopes (lol) and baby pictures, I imagine mine and my boyfriend's kids to have full cheeks, round faces, likely pale skin, brown hair (but lighter as a baby, I was reddish and he was a total tow head but now has brown hair). Maybe blue or green eyes but likely brown. Definitely curly hair, his curls and mine is out of control curly. I'd love to have some redheaded babies, if our genes could make that happen (there's a chance) that'd be awesome.
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    New Zealand

    Not a bad looking wee fella really!
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    The only similarity to my daughter is the curly hair and blue eyes... other than that, it looks like a totally different kid!

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