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    Ines is beautiful my middle name is spelled Inez. I love it my Aunt told my mom my first name should have been Inez
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    Hi! You can see from my signature that we have a baby girl (3 months) named Inés, so obviously I love it.

    Dindlee is correct that in the US they will ignore any accent marks you put on official documents. Informally, I generally try to spell Inés with the accent because we are using the Spanish pronunciation. I am American, and it never occurred to me that I would be disrespecting my family or culture by spelling it in Spanish the proper way. (My husband is South American). I was also a Spanish teacher, so it would bug me to not use the accent mark as much as possible.

    For middles, I don't love Inés Anneliese because they both end in the same sound, but it's not a bad combination. And Anneliese is pretty and you have the familial connections with the name, so I think you should keep it on your list as a possibility. Someone above suggested the middle name we chose - Magdalena. Other middles we seriously considered were:

    Inés Pilar
    Inés Belén
    Inés Liliana
    Inés Eloísa
    Inés Paloma
    Inés Beatriz (but we nixed that because of the /s/ ending on both)

    I also like:
    Inés Marisol
    Inés Margarita (this would work in German, right?)
    Inés Louisa (this would work in German, right?)

    ETA: Do you definitely want something that will work in German or are you more open than that? I just read your other thread and see there you were asking for German middles.
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    Aguafresca, at first I was only looking for German names but since Ines honors both my Portuguese and his German roots I'm open to other possibilities. However I'd like it to be 3 syllables because I do like the 2-3-2 flow and also I'd like the name to be easily translated into both languages if possible. Hubby likes Alexandra which isn't too bad, plus it's easily translated into Portuguese [AL-SHUN-DRA]. What are some other 3 syllable options you think might work?

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    BTW Aguafresca we have very similar taste in names. Our top choice if it's a boy is Sebastian and I adore Noemi. Hubby isn't on board though lol.

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    I'm Portuguese too, and Inês/Ines is lovely I'd say not to use Inés, because, well, that's nor Portuguese nor "American"... but the "^" might be hard to use in the US, perhaps...
    I think Inês Anneliese flows well with the Portuguese pronounce!
    Inês Alexandra would seem completely Portuguese to us.

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