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    Thoughts on INÊS/INES?

    Ok, so hubby and I have decided to go with INES [prefer this spelling to Inez] as a first name for our future little girl. We are choosing it for several reasons. First and most importantly, it honors both of our origins. I'm Portuguese and he is German. We like that it is very unique [#918 on SSA] It's also very sweet and simple but carries a bit of an exotic flair which we both love. Another reason why we love it so much is that it translates well internationally but it also proposes some questions for us.

    1) Firstly, the American pronunciation of Ines is EYE-NEZ. In Portuguese and German it is pronounced EE-NESS hence the accent mark over the E. I don't mind either pronunciation. My question is, should I spell it with or without the accent mark? She will be living in the U.S mainly but will be traveling to Europe. Also, not so much on hubby's side as mine, but my family here will be using the Portuguese pronunciation as it is easier for them to say. My first thoughts were to just go ahead and spell it without the accent since she will be living in the U.S but I don't want to show any type of disrespect to my family or culture. Thoughts??

    2) We are also looking for some middle name suggestions. Her last name will be Farmer [unfortunately I can't pick her last name lol] I think a 2-3-2 name sounds most appealing. Initially, we wanted to use Anneliese for two reasons. One, it is a very beautiful old-fashioned German name which would honor hubby's side and two Anne on its own honors my mother. However, Anneliese does not flow well at all with the Portuguese pronunciation of Ines. It flows a little bit better with the American pronunciation but I am still looking for some other suggestions. Remember, 2-3-2

    3) Lastly, what are your own personal opinions on the name Ines as a whole? Do you like it?

    Sorry for the long post, I'm just super picky! Want to make sure I pick the right name

    Thanks in advance for all your feedback and suggestions!

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    I think Ines (either pronunciation though I say EE-nez) is darling! My guess is that the punctuation mark will not change anyone's way of saying her name and that if you prefer the long E sound, you'll just have to correct folk.

    Use the middle name you love. I like Anneliese but if you are worried about flow you could use Annika. I actually think that Ines Anneliese with the long EE sound in Ines is prettier than Eye-nes Anneliese.

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    You cannot use diacritical marks in the US on official documents (SS cards, birth certificates, passports, etc). But I say use it informally, although it has been my experience that the average American ignores them.

    I think Ines is beautiful. I happen to like Ines Anneliese, and honestly, you don't use your middle name that much on a day-to-day basis.
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    I really like Ines and think that Ines Anneliese is just fine!

    I am copying and pasting my suggestions from the other thread:

    Ines Adelheid Farmer
    Ines Amelie Farmer
    Ines Annegret Farmer
    Ines Brigitta Farmer
    Ines Elisabeth Farmer
    Ines Frieda Farmer
    Ines Helena Farmer
    Ines Leonie Farmer
    Ines Magdalena Farmer

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    Thank you so much for the positive feedback so far

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