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    Carrigan "Carrie" work with big sis Ada?

    3 weeks until I am due and still havent settled on a name.

    Hubs and I chatted about name Carrie today and I mentioned Carrigan as a longer form with a little more oomph.

    What do people think of Carrigan "Carrie" to go with older sister Ada Elizabeth H?

    If you like Carrigan any suggestions on a middle name that works? Would be nice if we could use some form of my husband's middle - Alexander.

    If you dont like Carrigan what would you name Adas sister?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Not a huge fan of Carrigan, but the Carrie nickname is nice.
    Bryn came to mind as a sister name for Ada, with a similar feel to Carrigan.
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    I really love Carrie with Ada. Both are old-fashioned, sweet, and friendly, and they sound like sisters. Carrigan isn't my style, but with surnames in fashion I don't think people would find it off the wall at all. It makes me think of cardigans and Nancy Kerrigan but that's probably just me!

    Ada and Caroline (NN Carrie) is a perfect set to me, but if you find Caroline too popular there is:
    Carys - I like how this is short like Ada and has the not-frilly sound of Carrigan
    Caralea / Carolee
    Carina or Carenna
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    I think Carrigan is way too trendy sounding to go with sister Ada's name!

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    Carrie is adorable nickname for Carolina, Caroline, Carina, etc. Carrie itself makes very nice name. Honestly i never understood the american fashion of making surnames into first names, and Carrigan for a girl seems almost inappropriate - way too harsh.
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