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Thread: Ruby or Hazel

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    Ruby or Hazel

    First off, I want to thank everyone who has weighed in and helped us out the last few months as we debate baby names! I think (think!) we are down to two, Ruby and Hazel. Middle name will be Alice and last name starts with an S and is as common as they come. Big brother Wyatt (2).

    I know in the past some people have commented that they like a longer middle or first name and not all two syllables, but personally I'm a fan of short names and like the flow, so that part is okay.

    Things we like about Ruby: spunky, cute, ends in a 'y', reminds me a little of my own name (Lilly), always a fan of red.

    Things we like about Hazel: slightly less common, old fashioned but not too old ladyish, five letters (which the rest of our names are).

    We're in New England and neither of these names are in the top 100 here, but I do know Ruby is more popular elsewhere.

    So what do you think?

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    Ruby is really popular in the UK but I still prefer it to Hazel, I've never liked that name for some reason. I think it's the Hay sound, I don't like Hayley much either.
    My two bundles of love, Dominic Joseph and Tabitha Faye

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    I really like both, though I think Ruby Alice sounds nicer than Hazel Alice. Ruby seems to fit better with Wyatt as well. I don't know any Ruby babies, and I don't see it in announcements around here either. I live in the Midwest, USA.

    I like both names! You can't go wrong!

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    I prefer Ruby Alice over Hazel Alice (:

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    Definitely Ruby! I am not a fan of Hazel at all. Ruby Alice is beautiful!

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