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  • Oscar Gregory

    13 31.71%
  • Reuben Gregory

    7 17.07%
  • Theodore Gregory

    11 26.83%
  • Sebastian Gregory

    10 24.39%
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    Final name choices, please vote.

    So we've narrowed it down. Gregory is set as the middle name, but we've still to decide on the first name. Big brother Dominic Joseph "Nico", surname J___son

    Oscar Gregory "Ossie/Ozzie" - a recent discovery, I like that it sounds classy and distinguished, familiar but not everywhere, just like Dominic. But would the initials OJ be fine? He'd be OGJ anyway really but would kids these days ever hear of the whole OJ Simpson thing?

    Reuben Gregory "Benno" - Husband loved the nickname from a recent post on the Nameberry blog, and Reuben is my favourite of the full Ben names. But is Reuben J___son too rhymey?

    Theodore Gregory "Theo/Teddy" - I just can't seem to let this one go. I know it's getting more and more popular but it's still a great name. But I don't want a trendy name either, and I worry this might be seen that way in the future.

    Sebastian Gregory "Sebby" - Ditto Theodore. Husband likes this more than me though, I worry it's a little pretentious sounding, plus there's the -n ending again.
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    I voted for Oscar. It's a personal favorite for me, though my husband would never let me use it! I think it sounds wonderful with Gregory. No, I don't think anyone will associate his initials with OJ Simpson.
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    Wow, I really don't think you can go wrong with any of those. They're all great names!

    Sebastian J__son is a bit hissy on top of rhyming just a tad, but that's the only negative I see.

    Of the other 3, you're right that Theodore is more popular, but it is very nice indeed. I don't think it could ever be considered trendy since it's such a classic though.
    I voted for Reuben because I feel like it's handsome and seems the most obvious with Dominic.
    Oscar would be my second choice. It just has a slightly different feel than Dominic imo. More old-man chic, which I don't feel with Reuben.
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    @wahpro - I'm glad you don't think OJ Simpson will be a problem, that makes me feel better about using it. I just wasn't sure if it was one of those things that everyone would hear of at some point.

    @kala_way - Good that Theodore isn't trendy, I know it wouldn't be to the extent that other names are but I still don't want people being able to guess his birthdate to within five or so years when he's an adult.
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    I agree, they're all fab! I really like Dominic and Oscar as brothers, but I have to say, in general, I prefer Theodore and Sebastian (LOVE Teddy and Seb!). I don't find Sebastian pretentious--then again, I mostly think of Sebastian, Viola's twin from Twelfth Night! I think Sebastian gets my vote, but they're all lovely.
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