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  • Makenzie Rae

    1 1.54%
  • Adalyn Reese

    13 20.00%
  • Callie Rose

    42 64.62%
  • None

    9 13.85%
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    Baby Girl due in a couple of weeks, I think we have it narrowed down to 3...

    please give us your opinion or suggestion.

    These are not in order of favorites

    1. Makenzie Rae Moore

    2. Callie Rose Moore

    3. Adalyn Reese Moore

    "R" middle names are not required it just happened that way.

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    I like the mix of Adelyn Rose , though... Not the biggest fan of Reese.

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    Callie Rose is superior to the other two, though I would prefer a longer name to get Callie as a nickname.

    Makenzie is really trendy and there are so many spelling variants that it bothers me. I think the trend is wearing down, but it will inevitably become a name people associate with the 2000s (much like Lisa is associated with the 1960s-1970s). I don't particularly care for Rae either unless you are honoring someone.

    Adalyn Reese is okay, but trendy as well. What about Adeline Rose or Ada Rose?

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    I voted for Callie Rose, but Makenzie Rae is a nice name as well.

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    Thank you ladies. I do like Adalyn Rose too. We only have Makenzie in the running because my hubby wanted Kenzie by itself and I said no, Rae was what he came up with for a middle name, which he stole that from one of his soldiers. Callie is one we both somewhat agree on. I do agree it is somewhat short but I do not like the longer name options for Callie. I would love also to have a "A" middle name for Callie but the only one I come up with is Ann which I'm not 100% sure if it sounds to choppy.

    PS my middle name is Ann my mom's is Rosylynn so Rose kinda works in it for her.

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