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    1 1.54%
  • Adalyn Reese

    13 20.00%
  • Callie Rose

    42 64.62%
  • None

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulaann07 View Post
    Thank you ladies. I do like Adalyn Rose too. We only have Makenzie in the running because my hubby wanted Kenzie by itself and I said no, Rae was what he came up with for a middle name, which he stole that from one of his soldiers. Callie is one we both somewhat agree on. I do agree it is somewhat short but I do not like the longer name options for Callie. I would love also to have a "A" middle name for Callie but the only one I come up with is Ann which I'm not 100% sure if it sounds to choppy.

    PS my middle name is Ann my mom's is Rosylynn so Rose kinda works in it for her.
    If you both like Callie, then I think I would go with that! Callie Rose is perfectly fine, and really Callie Ann works too.

    Some Ann and Rose- middle name options:
    Callie Rosaline
    Callie Roslyn
    Callie Annabelle
    Callie Anneliese
    Callie Anastasia (a stretch, but it works!)

    Some other options with A middle names:
    Callie Angeline
    Callie Adeline
    Callie Alexandra
    Callie Amabel
    Callie Amelia
    Callie Ariana

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    I like Adalyn best--and I like Adalyn Rose, too. While I prefer Adeline, personally, or even a more obscure Addy name, like Adelia, Adalet, Adaya, etc., I think Adalyn works really well with Easton and Rowdy, and I think it's a nice name. I think Callie Rose is very sweet, too, but I don't think it fits with Easton and Rowdy quite as well.
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    Easton and Rowdy are quite "rough and tumble" sounding names, and Callie Rose is a much more feminine contrast. It is my favourite of your names though. Adalynn I just don't like and Makenzie has so many spelling options but is also quite masculine, they could be three brothers rather than two brothers and a sister.
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    I like Adalyn the best!
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    I think Callie Rose is very sweet! You need that after 2 boys. I also like Adalyn, but would prefer Adeline instead.

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