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    Hypothetical sibling for Isla

    My husband and I are thinking of trying for another baby soonish, but we have a really hard time coming up with names we both like. Names he likes are Brooks for a boy or Kaitlyn for a girl (Brooks I may be OK with, but not Kaitlyn). Names I like are Calder or Everett for a boy. We both like Genevieve for a girl and Rory for a boy (although that one is problematic, since our dog is named Rorschach but we call her Rory). Our last name begins and ends in N, so it's already awkward to say, so we can't use names that end in N. I'm looking for name ideas that are either literary, artistic (since I'm an artist), or adventure/nature related.

    We came up with our daughter Isla's name from an island we traveled to in Lake Titicaca in Peru, where we built a tower of rocks and asked the gods for a baby in the Andean tradition about a month before we became pregnant with her. Her middle name is June, a family name but also the month we were married and got pregnant. So, the next baby's name has a lot to live up to!

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    I have a cousin named Isla. Her siblings are Gavin, Maeve, Fiona, and Gillian.

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