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    Quote Originally Posted by kjhall View Post
    I wouldn't rename for popularity. How about using first and middle as a double barrel if you happen to run across another at some point.
    I like this suggestion! Cora Juliet is beautiful!
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    I think you're losing perspective a little when you say that you will be upset if there is ever another Cora in her class. If you say you don't want 3 Coras in every class she's ever in, understandable (and, IMO, NOT going to happen barring some weird coincidences), but IMO you cannot prevent your child from EVER running into another child with their name their age, unless you totally make up a name. Even if it's not a super trendy name, coincidence happens.

    Case in point: my name is Lois and I was born in 1986. Which means that 95% of all women named Lois alive are 30+ years older than me. But, guess what? When I was 18 and starting college, I met another Lois my same age! We were in a class together once and happened to be in some similar circles of friends/acquaintances, so we periodically still run into each other even almost 10 years later. But, honestly, it's just been kind of fun to have another Lois around who is not a grandmother or a greataunt. I really don't mind it.

    Your daughter will probably not feel like her name is horribly popular and boring if she happens to have 1 other Cora in her class at some point in her life. If that does occur, then you can start calling her Coralie or something. But I would NOT actually change her legal name. Cora Juliet is a beautiful name, and I don't think it's going to be the next Emily. Also, if you change her name, there's confusion plus the chance that, soon enough, the new name could get popular, too!

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    I asked my friend who is a midwife at the womens hospital in Birmingham and she said among the women she ahd attended in the recent year she didn't remember coming across a baby named Cora.

    Downton has been going for a few years now and it hasn't taken the nation by storm and i don't think it will.

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    I don't think you should rename her. But, if you do, don't hyphenate her name.

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    In my opinion, that's not a good reason to rename a child. What if the new name you change it to unexpectedly becomes popular? What if she gets older and she has a classmate with that name, are you going to change it yet again? Short of completely inventing a name that nobody else on earth has, you're going to encounter others with the same name, plain and simple. I like Cora much better than Coralie, anyway.
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