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    Should I rename Cora? Please help!

    I need your help nameberries!

    I had a daughter born in March and we named her Cora (middle name Juliet). At the time I thought it was a fairly unusual name as it was number 458 in the name charts for 2011 (I live in the U.K) however shortly after we announced her name I was informed that there was a Cora in the show Downton Abbey and in the popular show Eastenders which I did not know about which then got me worried about the popularity of it. Every time we have been to baby groups and I tell people her name I get "Oh I know a few baby Coras!"

    My problem is I really don't want her to have a popular name as I have one myself and hated it and don't want her to end up with another in her class at school. I'm debating whether I should change it, I wish we had gone with our second choice Calla but I think it will be very difficult to completely change her name now so I was thinking of just coming up with an alternative to Cora so we can still call her that but if we do come across many others we can use her longer name.

    I'm thinking Coralie or Corabel?

    I'm also considering hyphenating her name, ones I like are Cora-Faye, Cora-Mauve, Cora-Belle, Cora-Jean, Cora-Beth

    What do people think?

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    You should not rename her. I don't believe these people really know any Cora except yours. Maybe that's just catch-phrase.
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    I definitely wouldn't change it. You picked a beautiful name and you've been calling her by that name since March. It's her name now! I think you should just worry less about whether it's popular or not.

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    Do not rename her. We love the name Sybil (from Downton Abbey) and if it suddenly grew in popularity after we name our daughter that we would not change it. Cora is beautiful! Leave it!

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    Personally I think Cora might get a little more popular but will never be as epidemic as Emily/Jennifer/Ashley. I don't think there will be 5 or 6 little Cora's in each class. And even if it ever did become epidemically popular it would be years down the road so your little Cora wouldn't have anything to worry about.

    That being said if you decide it's way too popular for your taste I like the idea of Coralie and Cora-Beth
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