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    Which one of these unique names do you like best?

    I'm trying to pick a name for a girl and are stuck between these three.
    Saroian (Sa-roy-anne)
    Kaia (Ky-uh)
    Romina (Ro-mee-na)
    I like Saroian because I love the spelling, it sounds exotic and cool, kind of spunky too -- along with being classy. I'm just afraid that people won't be able to pronounce it or spell it right. I like Kaia because it sounds beachy, exotic, and's short and sweet. I don't like the spelling and the way it looks on paper. Also, even though the name is pretty unique, I know alot of girls with this name so that's a downside too. I like Romina because of all the nicknames (Ro, Rome, Romy, Mina), and it sounds mysterious, elegant and edgy at the same time. Also, it sounds like it would belong to a really beautiful, romantic girl. My only dislike is that it sounds a little dated sometimes.
    Which one is your favorite and why? Thank you x

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    I like Romina the best.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I love Kaia the best. It's really adorable sounding. My least favourite Saroian. Not only does it not sound pretty to me, but I think a lot of people would have pronunciation/spelling problems with the name.

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    My favorite is Romina, because the spelling and pronunciation are intuitive.

    Could Kaya not be pronounced KY-uh? Maya is MY-uh, so it stands to reason that Kaya could get you the sound you're looking for without the spelling you dislike, right?

    Saroian is a pretty sound, but it definitely looks like an exotic foreign language name that many people will be afraid to try pronouncing.

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    I also like Romina.

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