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    Red face Weird Occupation Quiz

    I haven't made one of these in a while! The usual quiz, but with weird profession questions.

    Daughter #1

    FN: In which of these less “mainstream” scientific fields would you rather work? [Feminizations]
    Epidemiology [study of diseases] – Victoria or Henrietta
    Seismology [study of earthquakes] – Bernadette or Simone
    Gelotology [study of laughter] – Justine or Francesca
    Molecular physics [study of the physical properties of molecules] – Pauline or Valentina
    Ethnobiology [study of the ways in which different organisms are treated and used by various human cultures] – Gianna or Theodora
    Astrochemistry [study of the abundance and reactions of various molecules in the universe] - Michaela or Alexandra

    MN: For which of these lesser-taught languages would you work as a translator? [Beatles Names]
    Hebrew – Eleanor or Bonnie
    Polish – Sadie or Lane
    Tamil – Jude or Loretta
    Vietnamese – Abbey or Julia
    Swahili – Lucy or Julia
    Swedish – Molly or Diamond

    Son #1

    FN: As which of these sci-fi/fantasy professions would you prefer to work? [Steampunk Names]
    Diplomat to another planet – Harrison or Langdon
    Vampire slayer – Verne or Ambrose
    Starship pilot – Cyrus or Emerson
    Superhero – Granville or Jeremiah
    Xenobiologist – Jules or Maxwell
    Hand of the KingSilas or Bartholomew

    MN: Which bizarre but real college class would you teach? [One-Syllable Names]
    “Learning from YouTube” – James or Knox
    “Politicizing Beyoncé” – Ash or Neal
    “The Physics of Star Trek” – Fox or Grant
    How to Win a Beauty Pageant: Race, Gender, Culture, and U.S. National Identity” – West or Finn
    Street Fighting Mathematics” (at MIT!) – Tate or Ben
    “UFOs in American Society” – North or Kent

    Son #2

    FN: Which strange sport would you play professionally? [Hipster Vintage Names]
    Mud Olympics – Phineas or Calvin
    “Octopush” (underwater hockey) – Rupert or Quincy
    Professional beer pong – Josiah or Edwin
    Cheese racing – Rufus or Byron
    Professional pillow fighting – Roman or Archibald
    Dog dancing (duet dancing with a dog) – Tristan or Homer

    MN: In which of these archaic professions would you work? [Film Noir Names]
    Apothecary – Morgan or Storm
    Jester – Cleve or Hardy
    KnightMaxim or Pike
    Alchemist – Axel or Calder
    Illuminator [one who paints manuscripts with gold leaf and the like] – Alonzo or Noll
    SmithDix or Torsten

    Daughter #2

    FN: If you lived in the world of Harry Potter, what job would you have? [Literary Names]
    Department head at the Ministry of MagicEllis or Clelia
    Hogwarts professor – Guinevere or Blue
    Professional Quidditch player – Juliet or Nenn
    Broom designer – Pilar or Isadora
    Magizoologist/Wizarding naturalist – Cosette or Scout
    Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries – Aurora or Juno

    MN: As which totally uncommon artistic job would you prefer to work? [1920s Names]
    Scientific illustrator – Lois or Margaret
    Mannequin decorator – Alice or Dorothy
    Elocutionist (one who studies various dialects and patterns of speech) – Mary or Hazel
    Casting director – Frances or Irene
    Stunt performer – Ruby or Helen
    Theatre critic – Marjorie or Florence

    My answers:
    Theodora Jude "Thea"
    Langdon Fox
    Roman Alonzo
    Juno Hazel
    thespian teenberry
    Cecelia Kate "Celie" . Aurelia Tess "Rory" . Ivy Astoria . Victoria Cairo . Ezra Louis . Henry Theodore "Enzo" . William Thayer "Will" . Jasper Gray
    Rose | Alice | Aurelia | Keva | Victoria | Catherine | Ivy | Tess | Nova | Astoria | Rory
    Jasper | Will | Rory | Theo | Milo | Gray | Silas | Roman | August
    vote on my names here <3

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