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    middle name for Daphne

    I am having a girl the end of July and would love some middle name ideas. We have decided her first name will be Daphne. Our last name is three syllables so we are leaning toward a one syllable middle names. So far Blythe is the front runner for the middle name spot. I have also considered Jane and Cate as they are family names but DH doesn't love either of those options. I am hoping you all have some good ideas! Thanks for any help!

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    I actually love Daphne Jane but here are some other ideas -

    Daphne Claire
    Daphne Gray
    Daphne Paige
    Daphne May
    Daphne Rose
    Daphne Ruth
    Daphne Joan
    Daphne Rue
    Daphne Lark

    Daphne Claire and Daphne Gray are probably my favorites out of these.

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    I love Daphne Jane, it's such a classic, beautiful combination. I also like Daphne Blythe, though, that sounds really pretty.

    Daphne Rain
    Daphne Ray
    Daphne June
    Daphne May
    Daphne Pearl
    Daphne Gray
    Daphne Fay
    Daphne Eve
    Daphne Kay
    Daphne Tate

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    shaymin2 Guest
    Daphne Blythe is rather lispy. I think Daphne Bliss would flow better.

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