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    Thanks for the suggestions! I love the names Bianca and Lilah, but my husband doesn't. That's usually the problem. His favourite girl's name is Tabitha, which I like somedays and not so much others.

    theclocktowerofjoy: I recently discovered names like Abrielle, and I've been playing around with them. Abrielle, Abriella, Brielle, Briella... again, husband doesn't like, lol.

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    Vowels without harsh consonants sound softest to me. Mostly I don't like extremely liquid names (I prefer some hard consonants to ground them) but my favourite soft girly liquid-sound exceptions are probably: Ariella, Iliana, Liliana, Aurora, Lily, Leora, Eliora, Ilana, Ayla, Alice.

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    Estella Lucia Cora Seraphina Xanthe Araminta Penelope Phaedra Hermione Clarissa
    Axel Oscar Hendrick Hans Percy Luca Dieter Augustus Cyrus Hugo Keats Ames

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