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    Leona is lovely! Since Andromeda has meaning to you, it would be a great middle name. I think it's too much as a first name, unless your kid is going to enroll in Hogwarts. I'm of the same opinion as PP who said it doesn't matter that much if the first and middle flow as she will never introduce herself that way. Meaning is much more important when choosing a middle name.

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    Leona is beautiful! I prefer Leona Gillian, especially since it honors someone in your family. Leona Andromeda is a bit over the top for me.

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    Hey thanks everyone! I am thinking Leona Gillian Andromeda "Norman". I like that this option gets rid of the -a A issue of Leona Andromeda and the -n N issue of Gillian "Norman". I like all of the N's personally as long as they don't run together. My grandma would really be surprised that I used her first name as a middle because I have not been close to her all of my life and I think she doesn't really know how much she means to me. This will be my final child and I also want to name her/him after my dad for my own sake. I would love Andromeda as a middle name, personally, but if she doesn't it could easily be hidden as a 2nd middle.

    Just Leona Andromeda is in 2nd place because I think it's such a fun middle name that it might feel like a shame to hide it in the back. Also, my grandma is from England and I'm not sure if she would think it was odd to use two middles since it is an upper class tradition and we aren't exactly upper class... Do any Englishberries have any thoughts about my grandma's likely reaction to 2 middles?

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