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    Middle names help. For my beloved Leona

    *sigh* I really want to be asking about boys name right now since I think this baby will be another boy (we'll find out in about 6-10 weeks) but we don't even have any male contenders. So, instead I would like assistance choosing the baby's middle name for a girl who would be Leona with 90% likelihood.

    Right now our choices are Leona Gillian or Leona Andromeda. Last name starts with N and is two syllables. Both choices are honor names. Gillian is for my grandma who is alive, I think it is such a lovely classy name and I like the G spelling. Andromeda is for my dad Anthony, always know as Andy, who died when I was 16. My dad was a huge space nerd so he would have gotten a kick out of the galaxy association.

    I like both options even if they do not have super ideal flow from some people's perspective. I like that my grandma Gillian would be around to appreciate a namesake. My husband really likes Andromeda more because he is also a space nerd. I would consider a second middle name to smooth out the flow, to help with the N heaviness of both middle options with the last name, and so I could use more fun names.

    Some types of names that I like are:

    I left out names with N's or A endings so there aren't too many of my favorites here, I really like N's and L's usually, and many A ending names. I am not sure any of these would work in a too well with a double middle for Leona Andromeda or Leona Gillian, but I think the list may give you a better idea at the types of names which I am thinking for this combo. Strong and feminine, not too strange-especially with Andromeda, not too many N's and probably no A endings.

    So, what do you think, Andromeda or Gillian? And I would be so delighted to see what sorts of combinations you can come up with for a double middle name!

    Oh and lastly, not like I'm going to talk my out of Leona in all likelihood but what do you think of Andromeda as a first name? Too much? I'm kind of really liking it right now, but it's also hard for me to picture that there really is a real baby being currently being formed so I'm not sure how realistic it is.
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I don't really like Andromeda with Leona. You get the N sound in leona, again in Andromeda and then again in your last name. Seems a bit much.

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    I love Leona! I like Leona Raquel and Leona Iris!

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    Leona Andromeda is a really, really fun combination. Meaning always trumps flow in my book, and personally I wouldn't pass up the meaning that Andromeda has for you just because her full name won't flow beautifully. She won't go around introducing herself as Leona Andromeda Surname; only worry about how Leona sounds with your surname. If you add a second middle name to Leona Andromeda you risk coming off as pretentious and over-the-top. I would leave it as is.

    As for using Andromeda as a first name, it's not a bad idea. I would be thrilled to meet an Andromeda, but it doesn't seem like the kind of name that would be very versatile.

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