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    WDYT of these combinations?

    What do you think of:

    Eleanor Mary
    Alice Beatrice
    Emily Rose
    Emily Antonia
    Kathryn Rose Claire

    Thank you

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    Eleanor Mary - Gorgeous.
    Alice Beatrice - I dislike the fact that the "iss" sound ends both words. Alice Beatrix sounds a little better.
    Emily Rose - It's okay but a really common combo.
    Emily Antonia - I prefer this Emily combo. Antonia's rather unexpected and pairs well with Emily.
    Kathryn Rose Claire - I love the sounds but prefer the Katherine spelling.
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    Eleanor Mary - Dislike Eleanor, like Mary.
    Alice Beatrice - Love both of these names, but not together. Very hissy.
    Emily Rose - I dislike Rose as a middle name, I love Emily but it's very popular and calls for a more uncommon pairing than standard-issue Rose, and all I can think of with this particular combo is The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I do like Emily very much though.
    Emily Antonia - Well this is more uncommon, at least. Antonia's never been on my radar but this is interesting. Good match.
    Kathryn Rose Claire - Can I sell you either Katharine (as in Hepburn - with two a's) or Catherine? There's nothing really *wrong* with Kathryn but nothing especially right about it either. I do love Claire.

    Other combos I'd make:
    Alice Claire, Emily Kathryn, Emily Beatrice, Beatrice Claire, Mary Beatrice.

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