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    I like Rowan and Eamon together, I don't think they're too similar although I see the similarities.
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    I think they are pretty similar.

    I'm also not fond of the name Eamon either - the sound or how it looks written. If I heard the combo, I'd for sure think that Rowan had the upper hand in the naming department.

    I've liked names on your previous list better.

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    I must be missing something lol. I don't think so at all! I actually like them together. I think it makes a nice sib set!
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    I am loving Eamon too. I am drawn to very Irish sounding male names for some reason (we are not Irish - our last name is very German, so I always feel a bit funny going for those names). I also love Callum. We went Irish-lite last time and went with Owen

    But to answer your question, I do think they are kind of close, however, they work together. I say go for it.

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    Sounds cute to me! I love Eamon but can't get hubby to agree. Rowan and Eamon aren't that similar.
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