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    I feel like I'll get killed for this, but I greatly dislike Henry, it sounds silly and not manly at all. And I normally like classic names for boys. Also August and variants. Oh and Penelope, ew. Arthur too. And Mavis sounds somehow obscene to me.

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    The appeal of Winifred/Winnie completely eludes me. I think it's hideous. I also don't understand: Penelope, Hattie, Clementine, Walter, Everly, Elliot, Arthur, Willa, Lily, Margot

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    Unpopular name opinion: STOP OBSESSING OVER NICKNAMES. The obsession with nicknames on this website absolutely drives me up the wall. Every name does not need a nickname.
    Yes, I completely agree! I'd say MOST names don't need nicknames. Especially if it's already short and your proposed nickname has the same amount of syllables. Like Annie as a nickname for Anna... really?

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    I loathe Henry. It sounds fat to me. Strange, I know.
    I don't like all of the nameberry loved old-man/lady names. Yuck. I just can't wrap my head around them. I don't have a problem with others using them, I just don't understand it. Names a la Eleanor, Henry, Clementine, Mavis, etc.

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    I actually love all of the popular names. Not their uniquely spelled counterparts, that's a bit silly to me, but the sounds of the names themselves are quite nice.

    It's funny how everyone (including myself) is always worried about how a name will grow with a child, when in fact, it always will grow well with the child. There are no 'youthful names' and 'elderly names,' just names that are popular now and names that were popular then.

    I don't care if a name was made up. If I made it up, well, I guess I get to choose what it means. So there. Also, if everyone only used 'real' names all through history, we'd be named things like 'UgUg.' Language evolves, so can names. Deal with it. It's not hipster. It's human.

    lolnicknameswut? I only have nicknames because my name is Cecilia. Cecilia is a positive GOLDMINE for nicknames. Cece (like Cease) CC, Celia, Celi, Cel, Ceal, Lia... My brothers don't have them, the majority of my friends don't. I LIKE nicknames, they're fun, but I mean... so what? I'll probably call my kids by their full name.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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