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    Names like Poppy and Penelope. They just sound awful to me. And Augustus! Everybody loves August, Augustus, Augustine...I just hate them. Argh.

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    Ivy- I only like this as a middle. Cecelia Ivy was on my list
    Isla- I don't think there are prn issues. Just NMS
    Caoimhe- lovely name- if you are in Ireland
    Juliet- I like this, I actually quite like the tragic Shakespearian names. Ophelia is the other GP.
    Emory- don't like it at all
    Delilah- sounds nice, bad associations
    Rainbow- too cutesy. Let's say last name is Johnson. Can you imagine a Rainbow Johnson, attorney-at-law?
    Victory- alright. I prefer the more classic Victoria
    Hezekiah, Moses, Lazarus, Mordecai, Uriah- Generally, I like biblical names. Moses and Amias are ones I like. Hezekiah sounds like a girl's name to me, Mordecai and Uriah sound like villains but I like Lazarus.
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    I have an Ivy...I love it (obviously!) so easy to spell/pronounce and to me it feel serious but also has a whimsical feel if that makes sense . I love that its a nature name too, and have to point out that Poison Ivy isn't really Ivy
    There are lots of names though that I don't get...I'm with you on difficult to pronounce names!
    I would love Rainbow in the mn spot and I adore Moses for a boy, but it's definitely more gp...
    To the person who mentioned penelope reminding them of cantelope-me too!!!!
    thought I was the only one haha! I always see pen-elope

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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    The names I hate but are incredibly popular on this site:


    I used to hate Stella, but it's really been growing on me lately.
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    The girls' names that everyone seems to like, but I don't, are Zoe, Chloe, Tatum, Addison, Aubrey, and Paige. For boys it would be the Braden, Cayden, Jayden, etc. group; just faddy and overused. Hunter isn't one of my favorites, either.

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