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    Unpopular Name Opinions

    There are a lot of names I've been seeing lately that everyone loves that I really don't like, so I made this post to talk about names you hate that everyone loves and names you love that everyone hates.

    Mine would be:
    Ivy (Besides a bad association it just reminds me of poison ivy. I don't really wanna name my kid after a plant that brings a painful rash)
    Isla (I don't hate the name, but I feel like in America and other English speaking countries that girl would have to explain the pronunciation/spelling of her name everything she meets someone)
    Caoimhe (Along the same lines as Isla. Unless your kid will be growing up in Ireland noone is going to know how to say it)
    Emory (Everyone loves this but all I can think of is an emery board, which is a type of nail file)
    Juliet (Even if you spell it the French way I just feel like it's not a great association)
    Delilah (Even if you're not religious your kid will probably find out the story somewhere. Not a great namesake)

    And names I love noone else likes:
    Rainbow (It goes along with the nature name trend, and you could shorten it to Rain or Bo as a nickname)
    Victory (Kinda like Victoria but it's more of a virtue name)
    Hezekiah, Moses, Lazarus, Mordecai, Uriah (Basically I like out there Biblical names for boys)

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    i secretly dislike the name Eloise - i just don't like the sound of it and it seems boring to me.. :/

    Altho im not bothered if ppl use or like it- i just don't understand..

    I love Ida and don't understand why its not more popular and why everyone calls it an old lady name when there are more popular old lady names out there that seem not to get the same old lady treatment..

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    I can't tell whether I love or hate the name Clementine. I love the full name, it's so sweet and off-beat, but the only nickname that comes to mind is "Clem," which gives me an unpleasant visual of loose skin for some reason. Similarly, I love the idea of the name Lemon, but Lem as a nickname is just lacking.

    I routinely see Willa and Wilhelmina on these boards and I loathe both names. Seriously just the sight of them annoy me!

    The name Beatrice itself isn't bad, but the fact that it's so popular on here has made me come to dislike it, just from seeing it so often. Bea as a nickname is cute, but also slightly annoys me because it's much nicer written than it is spoken.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    Xavier - This name seems to be really popular right now; or I should say I've seen a few people talking about this name. And yes the X initial is different and all that, but I just do not like this name at all. It's probably the only name I strongly dislike. I have others on my list, but this name has to be my least favorite. (That's not a 'unique' name or a 'trendy' name. Unless this is considered trendy?) But yeah, I don't really know why this name is one I dislike so much, I just don't like the spelling/sound.

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    I don't think Isla is confusing because it's spelled like the word "island". I agree with you about many other Irish names, though. My husband is of Irish ancestry, we have an Irish last name, and he really REALLY wants our children to have Irish names, but I won't even consider a name if you can't spell/pronounce it in English.

    I don't like the name Emory either. Or Avery. Or Wyatt. Or Rhett. I'm not a huge fan of Eleanor, but I don't hate it either.

    I feel the opposite about Biblical boy names. I dislike Malachi, Isaiah, etc.

    I'm sad old-lady names have become so popular. A lot of the ones I used to love are totally hipster names now.

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