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Thread: Jasper

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    I love the name Jasper at the moment, yet DH says flat out no because he straight away says he'll be teased with Casper the friendly Ghost... I was just wondering, is there anyone who is a Jasper or knows a Jasper or has a child named Jasper and is this an issue for you at all?

    A question to everyone; do you see that as being a huge problem if a child were to be teased with that? I'm simply curious about peoples thoughts!

    Thank you in advance
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    I know a Jasper that's a teenager and as far as I've heard it's never been an issue. Definitely hasn't left him scarred for life or anything :P. Casper is so old I think it's really a non issue. I mean, using the name Casper would probably still make people think of the friendly ghost but rhyming names like Jasper, no big deal. If anything, I would say there's a Twilight association, not a ghost one.

    Personally, I think Jasper's great!

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    I love Jasper... it's one of the more interesting boys' names out there right now. I really think that Caspar the Friendly Ghost isn't a huge issue... but I also would have no problem naming my son Caspar, were it not for out surname...
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    I think Jasper is a very excellent name. It's got a lot going for it. It's one of my own top 4. And I don't think there would be any issue with it's similarity to Caspar. That's not something I'm even slightly worried about when considering this name. Most kids nowadays would probably associate it more with a character from Twilight than to Caspar, if at all (which is another association I don't care about, and will fade away soon anyway). And Caspar's first letter being different really makes it sound like a very different name than Jasper anyways, if you ask me.
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    I wouldn't have even thought about Caspar when you mentioned Jasper... I guess we all have our own weird little name quirks. I think Jasper is a cute name. It's a town near where I grew up, so it's not used much there but I've heard it a few times since moving across the country.

    I think that kids will tease anything. My name's Jen and as a child I heard Skinny Jenny, 1-800 (insert 60-something number with sexual connotations) -Jenny (sing that to the Jenny Craig commercial), and other ridiculous comments. It's just the nature of children. I don't think Jasper is particularly tease-worthy though.
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