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    Today in English class a girl from another class who was pregnant brought in her baby to show my English teacher. All the girls in the class walked up to see the baby and I did too, not because I really wanted to see it but because I wanted to know its name so badly and I can't hear very well from where I sit in the back.

    Anyway, its name was Isabella Grace (sp?) and I was so disappointed in how "generic" her name was I just walked back to my seat all bummed out and didn't even look at the baby. I think out of all my classmates I was the only one who didn't think her name was "gorgeous"
    Oh man I totally feel you on that. It's so annoying when someone puts a top 10 first name with a top 10 middle name and everyone is like "Oh wow that's stunning" and pretends not to know (or somehow doesn't know) that there are like thousands of other girls out there with the same first and middle combination. I recently had two acquaintances give birth and one named her daughter Savannah Leigh and the other named her daughter Belle Marie, and I just had to roll my eyes. Sometimes you just want to say, "Really? That was the most creative you could be?" but of course you smile and nod and declare what a lovely name it is.

    I totally surprised my sister earlier this week when she was mentioning names for her next child, and at one name I said something like "Oh I like that because then all their names would have the same meaning"...and then I had to try to explain why I randomly knew the meanings of all of those names.

    Also, I'd add: You know you're a name-nerd when you cross something off your list before it becomes popular because you know it will soon skyrocket....For me, Hazel and August/Augustus are semi-crossed off of my list because The Fault in Our Stars (which features both names) is going to be made into a movie. I anticipate the movie doing well, so I think we'll start to see more Hazels, Augusts, Augustuses, and possibly even Gus.
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    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    I totally get the above posters on the name meaning thing! Or knowing the origins of a bunch of random names. Or, also, wanting to know everyone's middle names...
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    LOL, the only reason I read my hometown newspaper is to search the obituaries for old names and look through the birth announcements see what local people are naming their babies.

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    I once explained the history of surnames in western Europe to my biology class. It amazed me how many people didn't know what it meant to have an occupational or patronymic surname...
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    Another one from me:
    I spend a lot of my time on name blogs even during class I was discussing it with my friend in homeroom and I have brought it up with another friend. Thankfully they didn't think I was crazy.

    @southern.maple thats dedication. I'm occupational and many others are

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