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    How to keep up with the names you love?

    Is it a weird to have a notebook with the names you love? Right now I have it on a ipad note but, I'm scared it'll get deleted or something. I'm not any close to trying or anything but, love to keep the name I do love in case the time comes when I am expecting. Thoughts? What do you do?

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    No, it isn't weird. I think most of us name nerds have a notebook/place we store all our favorites. Maybe to the non-namenerds it would be weird, but not here. I store mine in a word document (which can be problematic if my computer restarts), so I also have my list on microsoft one note, which automatically saves. I also have my list on, and on nameberry (although it isn't updated). I also have my list stored on my listography page. I really like Listography, and since it is saved on the web, it will never get deleted. I like having the listography, although I don't update it as much as I update my microsoft one note, due to convenience; microsoft one note is right on my start menu, as opposed to logging into listography (but I'm pretty lazy so..). I would try that. Here is the link to my listography:
    I hope that helped.
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    I have a Microsoft Excel Sheet which I organize alphabetically by origin, then alphabetically by name. That list tends to be very long (400-600 names each for Boys and Girls). Then, in a separate Book within the spreadsheet, I make mini tables of my favorite names and the date.

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    I have a list on my phone and I write some out in notebooks.

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    I keep a list on my computer that is constantly being updated. I have it separated by girl names, boy names, middle names, guilty pleasures, and combinations. It may be excessive, but I like to keep things organized!
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