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Thread: Kamsiyochukwu

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    I was surfing the 2012 name list and found that eight males were named Kamsiyochukwu. Does anyone know how to say Kamsiyochukwu? Or any history behind this name? I was just a little puzzled.

    Thank you for your time.
    Theodore Arthur

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    It only took me a minute of googleing to find out that it is (or at least people think it is- I cannot confirm) an Igbo name meaning my heart's desire

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    Thank you for answering. I Googled it too but, I don't always trust Google with name history.
    Theodore Arthur

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    I feel sorry for those 8 babies. I wonder what their middles were?
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    No idea. I wish I knew how to even say Kamsiyochukwu. When I saw it I thought people choose random letters for their child's name.
    Theodore Arthur

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