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    Haha I'm on the debate team and one time I was debating against a girl named Erica. So I said, "That's a nice name. I like that name." And she just looked at me weird hahaha...

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    I do it nonchalantly. I mean like if I hear a name, I'll be like oh that's a nice name, but not all the time will I do that.

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    I worked at a Babies R Us for a while, and always felt so uncomfortable even asking parents what their child's name was. The only time I would really comment was when they put the name of the Baby-to-Be on the registry, and I would usually say "What a nice choice", even if I didn't particularly like it.
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    I absolutely do. If I hear a name I love, I tell people I love it. If I hear someone call to a child on the park or something, and I love the name, I will totally say something. In my experience, everyone loves to hear their name choice complimented.

    If I don't love the name, I don't say anything about it. So I would never say, "oh. That's... different." Or anything like that. But if it is a new baby, even if I don't like the name, I try to find something positive to say about it, like "What a perfect name for her!" Or "I love how well your names go together!" Or "I've always wondered what that means, do you know?" Or even, "How did you choose her name?" And then I compliment the naming story.

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    Yeah, I'm one of those nutters. I've always done that, not only because I can't hold my tongue (which is an obvious problem!), but because I think it's important to do, I mean, who doesn't love compliments? But it's not only names, if I see a child with a cute pair of boots, I'll double back and ask the mum/dad/nanny/granddad where they bought them. If I see a cute haircut, I find out which hairstylist did that. This is how I've found all the secret nooks over the years. I'll strike up conversations with people if they're eying my favourite book or granola as well, though... yeah, I know, I'm a nutter
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