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Thread: Christabel?

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    tulipbyanyname Guest
    I kind of like it. Definitely lots of cool nickname options.
    I prefer the spelling Christabelle.

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    I love Christabel For the same reason another poster mention, the Samuel Taylor Coleridge association is gorgeous. Plus I love the sound of it. My Dad has always jokingly called me Christabel because like his cousin with the name I have dark eyes and curly hair.
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    It was on my list, but I chose to delete it because it's so Christian, and I am atheist.
    I still like it, just would not use it.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I really like it! I see it as a quirky vintage gem. I'm not such a fan of Christa/Chrissy as a nn - these feel a bit dated to me! I like the suggestion of Kit!

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    it sounds like a prostitutes name... sorry

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