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    My name Liana (Lee-Ah-Nah) ALWAYS gets misheard. Lina, Alana, Liliana. Doesn't help I have a very long, complicated Greek last name to make it more complex.
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    I'm Kathryn, so whilst most people say my name right, it's a rare day that they spell it correctly! I would prefer people asked me how my name was spelt as there are so many variants rather than assuming it's Catherine/Katherine. It does annoy me sometimes but I would never express that to someone's face.
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    I'll admit, I get miffed when Ves.per becomes Vespa (I mean, honestly now! Would I name my baby after a scooter?). But my name is constantly misspelled and mispronounced. It's not a big deal. Even DH's fairly common name is misheard often as Kevin or spelled Even
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    My daughter's names are mispronounced a lot. Amity gets 'Amy-Tee' sometimes and Fable gets 'Fab-Ull' sometimes.

    My middle name is James but it's the name that I go by most of the time, and people sometimes hear it and think that my name is Jane. (I guess that makes sense though considering that James is a boy name).
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    Nope, "Ann" is pretty hard to mess up, although I constantly have people email me or write my name on something and add the "e" at the end. When we picked a name for Toby, I specifically wanted one that would be easy to hear, spell, and pronounce, and so far we haven't had any trouble.
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