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    Northern Ireland/England
    I thought my driving instructor was calling me Anna instead of Hannah, but I didn't know whether to correct him or not, because I didn't know if he was just dropping the H due to his accent. It turned out he was (he wrote my name on something), so I was very glad I didn't correct him.

    I also have a rather unusual surname. It's not that uncommon where I live, but almost no one gets it right the first time. There are two sets of double letters and usually at least one gets left out. It also ends in -ell, which, unsurprisingly sounds like the letter L. Only people pronounce it -ill, for some unfathomable reason. All. The. Time. I feel that my family should get cards printed with the spelling and correct pronunciation. It would save a lot of time and V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W spelling. "No, no, two of those. No, not one, two. Yes, and two Ls. No, E, not A..."
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    My name gets mispronounced ALLLLLL the time. It's usually recognizable at least. I don't mind anymore, but it got annoying during school, since teachers usually needed many, many reminders until they would finally remember.

    What annoyed me about it is that my pronunciation is the real, actual, original pronunciation of my spelling... but they would mispronounce it as the trendier, cutesier version.

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    My name is Amanda, so it's never been mispronounced...But I wouldn't be able to stand my children's names always getting mispronounced. All of my names are names that are recognizable, but not mega popular. Like Rosemary, Lewis, etc. You know. I pride myself on that.

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    My name is Tanya (tah-nyah/tahn-yah) which isn't usually mispronounced over here in Ireland but one girl in my class refuses to say my name right (She says tawn-yah) despite the fact that I hate, she knows I hate it and have hated since I first heard anyone say it on TV. The kids in the creche I worked in for work experience called me tan-ee-ah which was adorable coming from them. I've sometimes gotten people spelling it with an i which is okay, I just correct them. I've gotten one where someone had no clue how to spell my name so I told them.

    I never understood why people got so hung up on a name being easy to spell or pronounce. Most names won't be spelled or pronounced correctly all of the time. For example, a simple name like Leah. Now, I would naturally assume after hearing it that it would be Leah. But it could be Lia or Lea. Simple names aren't as simple as people seem to think.

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    My name's Laura, and I've been called Lara and Lauren before. It doesn't bother me if it's in the doctor's surgery or whatever, but I had a teacher who would always call me Lara even when I corrected him, which is just ignorance. Laura's a popular name but both me and the other Laura in my class got called Lara so much by this teacher, we even considered going by our surnames or middle names just so we didn't have to put up with him saying our names wrong. We weren't the only ones, a girl called Carolyn got called Caroline, and we had a boy in our class from Nigeria whose name just got butchered completely he spent the whole year going by just T.
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