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    How annoyed are you when yours or your child's name gets mispronounced?

    I am a substitute teacher and I sub at several different schools from kindergarten to high school. I always feel bad when I say a name wrong (like when I take attendance in a class for the first time) and I'm not sure how to pronounce someone's name. I always say "I'm sorry if I say this wrong..." or "is this how you say it?" and most people are fine and just give me the correct way to say it. Today a teenage girl seemed so annoyed that I mispronounced her name (which made me annoyed b/c it's not my fault and I just met her for the first time). Her name was Kassia pron Kass-ee-ah and I said -K-asia, oops.

    My Q is, do you ever get your name mispronounced and does it bother you? Does your child's name ever get mispronounced and do you wish you would have picked a name that was less confusing to say? Thoughts?

    I know as a teacher, being around so many kids, I think it is so important to choose names that are easy to spell and pronounce, that are recognizable but not super common. And I also don't get why some kids are given 4 middle names? Is that a cultural thing?

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    I have never had any issue with the pronunciation of any of my names (first, middle, I've had two last names, and I'm going onto a third that is pretty straightforward). But my sister Mariah (like Carey) gets Maria all the time. And my poor mother. Her name is spelled Jeanne. It is pronounced like Jean-nee. But she gets Jee-anne and even Janine all the time. So when she introduces herself most times she just says her name is Jean.

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    Oh yes I always get called something other than Kaylie. Especially with substitute teachers (please don't take offense to that ). I have been called Kayla, Kyla, Kyle, Kylie, Karey, Kalle, Hailey, Bailey, etc. My last name is always mispronounced too, but I don't really mind because last names are harder to pronounce than first names are most of the time. I don't have any children so I'm not much help there.
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    My sister is a substitute teacher and recently she has been teaching at a school which has alot of students with arabic names.
    She takes the same approach as you and either asks them how to pronounce their name or apologizes for pronouncing their name wrong.
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    My name is Miriam and I have been called every variant of Mary (most commonly get called Maria, Mary & Marion). Most people know how to pronounce my name correctly- especially if they see it written down but majority of the time when I introduce myself they think my name is something different. It does bug me a bit but if I am talking to someone who I don't really know I often don't bother correcting them. I don't have any children but I know some kids who get really annoyed when you mispronounce their name and others who don't really care.

    My last name is a different matter, it NEVER gets pronounced correctly because its so uncommon. I've gotten really good at saying 'its _______ - like ______ with a _'
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