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    I'm a substitute as well, so I know exactly what you're talking about! I take the same approach as you, or show the name to another kid and ask them how it's pronounced. I feel really bad when I say someone's name wrong, but with so many "creative" spellings of names these days, it's impossible to know how to pronounce every name. It really bugs me a lot when a kid gets an attitude because their name was mispronounced. I get that it's annoying to constantly have to correct people, but if every substitute you've ever had has butchered it, it's an issue with your name, not the teachers!

    I get what kathrynsarah is talking about, too. I'm also Kathryn who goes by Katy. I would get Kathy a lot in school, or Kathleen instead of Kathryn for some reason. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to correct someone. I never found it to be that annoying.

    I named my daughter Maura knowing that there a 2 different ways people pronounce it (like Mara or like Mora - I use the latter pronunciation because where I live the name Laura is pronounced like Lora, so that's what makes the most sense to me). I do not care AT ALL if people say it differently than the way I do. In this case, I think it has more to do with the person's accent anyway. The only time it did bother was right after she was born and my MOM mispronounced it repeatedly. Like for days. I felt bad correcting her, so I just kept purposefully saying the baby's name a lot around her hoping she would get the drift, but she didn't. A week later, she came to me and was like, "Your dad thinks I'm saying her name wrong. It's Mara, right? He thinks it's Mora, like it rhymes with Laura." LOL! Yes, Mom. It rhymes with Laura.

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    Luckily there's only one way to say Sophie really, so I don't get a lot of bother with it, except the occasional Sophia - uh, no, there's an 'e' on the end not an 'a'. Sophie's the more common variant in the UK though so I don't really get Sophia an awful lot but it has happened. Though I've also been misheard for Sapphire (yeah, I can understand that) and Katie (not so much). My sister gets her name mispronounced a lot though, people tend to use a short 'a' rather than a long one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazz1509 View Post
    People don't mispronunce our first names but no-one ever gets our last name right! I really don't understand why. It's very simple but people always get it wrong.
    We intentionally avoid hard to pronounce names for our children because having a surname people can't get right is annoying enough!
    This is true for me as well, right down to wondering why people can't seem to figure our simple last name out.
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    My first name was never a problem (except when I sat next to a Shauna in elementary school and they would just mix up our names). My last name and now my married name always get mispronounced. Doesn't really bother me though.
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    My name is Caroline and often people (mostly adults) call me Carolyn. I really hate the name Carolyn, so it does annoy me a little bit, but I just correct them and move on. I think this girl in particular overreacted.
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