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    My name is Edie and when I was in school I would get "Eddie" a lot from teachers or people I didn't know very well and it did really bother me. Additionlly, trying to introduce myself at loud parties or other events can be frustrating as I always become Katie, Phoebe, or some other ee ending name. At places like Starbucks or Panera where they ask for a name I usually just go by something like "Sarah" as it's way easier to pronounce! When I slip up and give my real name I don't care when they call me "Eddie" but I'm also pleasantly surprised when someone I just met can pronounce (or more impressively SPELL) my name right on the first try!

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    Yeah, I does- quite a lot, but as Lyra as a first name, it's kind of understandable, so I try to just let them. In Denmark it's said LY-Raah (yeah..), which annoys me pretty much when people say it like that. And People once thought it was Laila or Laura I said! o.o but even so, my middle name - Elizabeth is still mispronounced (don't ask me how!) and of course, people want it with a S instead of Z.
    I don't have children, but I have nieces, which is lucky enough to have more common names. ^^
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    No one mispronounces my name if it's written down but if I'm introducing myself I have to say 'Ren, like the bird, but without the w'. Otherwise I get this face O_o

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    People don't mispronunce our first names but no-one ever gets our last name right! I really don't understand why. It's very simple but people always get it wrong.
    We intentionally avoid hard to pronounce names for our children because having a surname people can't get right is annoying enough!
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    My name is always pronounced properly(and last name too). But my daughter's name sometimes causes confusion, he he...OK with Cornelia(we got Cordelia or Caroline a few times) but it's surprising to see almost no-one can pronounce her middle name, Hermione. Her-mee-one, er-my-own or even her-mi-o-nuh. Luckily she won't have to be introduced by it

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